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Relative not receiving my 'Norton Invitation'--need alternative?

My Brother in law is currently using one of my licenses. I emailed him a month ago saying his license would soon expire and that I requested Symantec send a current invitation.

I didn't hear back until his installation expired. He said he had not received the invitation (a bit late in letting me know). I sent another invitation yesterday and he didn't receive that either. His Outlook junk folder is empty and visiting his ISP's filter, if there is one, is a non-starter. I used his same email (copy/paste) address for the invitation that I use for normal communication.

I then suggested he open Norton and, after he logged into my account, he could insert my key. According to Phil, there's a big 'X' across Norton Security and he could not do as I suggested.

Is there a way that we can get around these problems and one that I could mainly do from my end? The BIL's ability at doing this kind of work (on a 1 to 10 scale) falls somewhere between -1 and +1.




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Re: Relative not receiving my 'Norton Invitation'--need alternative?

If you log into your Norton Account, and click on View Devices on the Device Security pillar, you will see all devices listed on your subscription. Click on your brother in law's computer and you will see a link to Enter a different key.   Click that and enter your current subscription key.  Then have your brother in law restart his computer and try to run Norton again. If he can get to the main screen, have him click on Help - Subscription Status to have his copy sync with your Norton Account.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Relative not receiving my 'Norton Invitation'--need alternative?

All: Simpler still is to phone him with the key, have him add it per the screenshot below. Very simple to accomplish. Have the BIL open the Norton  user interface, go to the top right click help. Then add the new key by clicking "enter product key" after clicking. He may then run live updates to get his product current.


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