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Remote Desktop Server running identity safe, limit on number of concurrent users


I currently use Norton 360 on our local client PC's and i have liked the identity safe module. I have migrated to a remote desktop server, i have around 30 user profiles setup on the server. I really want to stay with norton identity safe so I have installed it on my server and it works great for users until i have more that 10-15 concurrent users, when the limit is reached and i click on the vault toolbar it will not logon to the norton account that i have created for the particular user, however if other users logoff their remote desktop sessions then it will allow the particular user to log in sucessfully.

Does anyone have any ideas on this issue? Have norton set a limit on the maximum nuber of connections orginatiing from 1 ip address? is it a issue with compatibility with remote desktop services? is there a multi user licensing purchase required?

Many Thanks