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Removing Identity Safe Add-on from Firefox 41

I've been a Norton Security user for 11 months, but Norton Security just now installed the Identity Safe toolbar to Firefox 41 without my permission.  When I go to the Add-ons menu, it only gives me an option to disable; it does not give me an option to uninstall.  Control Panel (I'm in Windows 8) allows me only to uninstall Norton completely, not to remove the toolbar alone.

How do I remove Identity Safe from Firefox permanently? 



Re: Removing Identity Safe Add-on from Firefox 41

Is it Identity safe or the Toolbar you are wanting to remove? Neither can actually be uninstalled separately from the Norton products.

You can disable Identity Safe in Settings - Identity Protection and turn off Identity Safe.

For the Toolbar, you can disable the feature in FF, as you have seen.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Removing Identity Safe Add-on from Firefox 41


You can remove it using the Windows Task Scheduler, a Batch file and a Windows Registry Entry file. (any file names will do, please keep in mind the extensions in bold).
1. Create a DeleteNortonFFAddOn.reg filed with the following content:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

2. Create a batch file removetoolbar.bat with the following content:

REGEDIT /S  path_where_ the_reg_file_is\DeleteNortonFFAddOn.reg

3. Create a task named REMOVE NORTON TOOLBAR in taskscheduler, configure it to run with user account Adminstratos Group, "Run with highest privileges" option checked. In the Triggers tab select "At log on". In the Actions tab enter "Start a program" and the location of the batch file you created. Eg: DeleteNortonFFAddOn.bat. In the Settings Tab check "Run task as soon as possible after scheduler start missed."

I hope that helps. Norton is doing a terrible job recently in my opinion. I have been using their products for 5 years and seriously considering to look alternatives.

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