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Renewal & Other Devices

I just renewed my NS subscription using a product key card I bought. I went on chat and had the remaining days added to the renewal (plus a 30 day bonus as a goodwill gesture!). I did this through the device I was on at the time and now I want the new subscription to reflect on my other devices. The other devices still say only 9 days remaining even after doing the "Subscription Status" check under "Help".

How do I get the other devices to see the new subscription days? I'm afraid of putting in the new product key on the other devices thinking it will take up another device slot when it's been on my account already with the old subscription. BTW I used a 10-device key to renew a 5-device one.




Re: Renewal & Other Devices

As you used a new product key, you have to get that entered into all your devices. Try going to each device and from the main Norton screen, click on Help - Subscription Status. That should sync your computer with the Norton subscription servers.

If that does not help, you need to click on Renew from the main Norton screen. Then look for I have a key or code, and enter the new product key you purchased.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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