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Will renewing early, will I be extending my subscription or starting a new one year subscription?

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Re: Renewing

I'm pretty sure that if you renew your subscription early, you "Extend" your subscription.

In other words if your previous subscription has started June 1, if you renew your subscription in May 14 or w/e (just an example) your subscription will still run until June 1 the following year.

In other words you won't lose any time on your subscription.

I hope that helps?


Re: Renewing

Check with Support anyway, to make sure you don't lose any days.  http://norton.com/chat

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Re: Renewing

A clarification. 

If you use the Renewal process from your product or your Norton Account, the time will be added to your current subscription. 
If you purchase a new product key, you will be starting a new subscription that will only last the 1 year. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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