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Requesting help with malicious page warning

Recently I was setting up a fundraiser with Paypal and one of their associates FundRazr. I started out logged into my Paypal account using Google Chrome browser. At the point in FundRazr's setup process it asked me to choose a social networking platform. I chose Facebook. At that point I got a page from Norton stating a malicious page had been blocked. I clicked the link to read more abut the malicious page but it only took me to a generic page with no info. From my browser history I believe it was this page:


This did not give me any info as to why a page had been blocked. Due to the fact that Paypal is a legitimate business and FundRazr, who's pages I was viewing, was affiliated I felt I'd hit some form of false positive and chose to continue to the site anyway. This took me to a page to log into my facebook account. However, I thought twice, got scared, and closed all windows. Now I fear that I may have went to a malicious page while logged into my Paypal account. 

Before making this post I attempted to search my browser history for the malicious page address. I believe I found it, although I am not sure. I'm going to post it abbreviated just in case any identifying info is buried in it. 


My questions are as follows: What do I do now? Is there a chance my Paypal account has been compromised? Are there steps I should take to insure my Paypal account is safe?