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This forum thread needs a solution.


First of all, my backups are not named such as "Default Set" but comprise a series of numbers along with the size and date the backup was created.  It is located on a file Norton created called "N360_Backup."  I have saved one at the end of each month to an external drive.  At some point, all the files in one of my folders were still there, but all were zero regarding the size.  I wish to restore to a Norton backup which included Documents dated June 30, 2015, just to regain these documents, then once saved, perform a new backup.

Is it possible to restore from a backup set other than the most recently created one?  Also, are backups normally denoted as a long series of numbers as opposed to the naming of default sets which I did try and could never locate? 

Thank you  very much for your support,






Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

I do not think I fully understand what you have been doing so would you mind explaining a little more please.

  1. What Norton product are you using and what operating system have you got?
  2. Under the backup section of  your Norton programme what name or names do you have for the backups?  Do you change this/these names after each backup?
  3. Are you running sequential backups to the same location or are you changing the location (e.g. using a new flash drive or external disk drive?
  4. For the external device that holds your backups have you run Norton backups from older devices to it?
  5. When you look in the N360_BACKUP folder how many folders are in it at the first level?

I look forward to hearing back from you.



I'm using Norton 360 and the OS is Windows 7 Premium 64 bit.  When I back up, there was a folder created on C: called N360_Backup.  Also, when I go into Computer, there is a Norton Drive along with Computer, DVD, etc.  When I backup, I get a file in the N360_Backup that looks like this: {5E8F2772-BE0B-4D74-8F42-72A89960D5BA}.  Also, in the Norton Icon located in Computer, I get DefaultSet or whatever I name the backup.

I'm not certain which one is actually the backup of all my data I chose to backup. 

What I would like to do, is restore to a saved backup dated June 2015 to try to recover some documents that were lost.  But it appears to me that you can only restore from the most recent backup. Is that true?



Hello again JIMMYGJR.

The reason I asked a set of numbered questions was to try and get straight answers to each of them.  I will try an interpret your answer to help you as best I can.  Sadlly I suspect that you are not going to get what you want.   

Have you tried looking at the Restore option in N360?  Does that offer the backup you want in the list it gives?  What backups does it offer as available for restoration?

Each folder in the N360_BACKUP folder is a different backup set.  Either from a different computer, or from a different version of Norton or from a different Backup Set as defined in the backup section of N360.  If you have only one backup set defined, are not modifying the definition of your backup set, and are regularly backing up to the same folder then there should only be one folder in the N360_BACKUP drive.

The reason I asked about the names given to your backup sets in the Manage Backup Sets window was to try and understand why you seem to have multiple folders.  That might still be helpful.

When you see the "Norton Backup Drive" when you look at "My Computer" look in it and tell us (or better post a screen shot) what backups you see there.  All Norton backups currently seen by your computer should be shown there.  If you can identify the backup that you want to restore from in that window then we may be in business.....

Now to your desire to restore a backup from a set date.  If that specific backup has been run since that date then any amended or added files that fit the definition will have been added.  Norton does not keep old versions of files.  So if you backup a file in June and amend it in July and run the backup again after that then the June version of the file will have been replaced with the July version. 

I hope the above helps a bit.

I note that you say that your backup folder is on your C: drive.  That does not look like a good idea.  If anything happens to that drive or your computer then everything that you have backed up there will probably be lost and the point of a backup is to protect against that.  Therefore I would strongly advise that once you have found the data you are looking for you should then start backing up to some other location, whether it be the Norton Servers or some other external storage device such as a USB drive.



Thank you for taking the time to help me.  I do take the backup from the N360_Backup and copy it to an external drive.  It just defaults to C: because I have it set up that way. 

When I open the file in N360, there is the lengthy numbered file. there are file like 1) through 9) and a) through f).  When I open one of those, 1) there are 647 files, each named with additional lengthy numbers.  I don't think this is an actual backup but prior to having the Norton Icon, Norton created the N360 and backed whatever to this file.  When I did get the Norton Icon in COMPUTER, the backups went to both locations.  In the Norton Icon, however, when I open it, it has my user names, documents, photos, etc.  I believe this my actual backup. 

I should mention that this happens on both of my laptops.  In addition to these types of backups, I backup my individual Documents, Photos, etc. to an external drive.  The problem occurred when I went into the folder and all the files were dated June 14th and each was zero in size.  Having backed up the entire folder on a regular basis, my backup also contained files all with the June date and all of zero size.

I am going to delete the N360_Backup and run another backup to see what happens.  I am going to copy the files in the Norton Icon to my external drive.  The reason I don't backup directly to the external drive is that it is a Western Digital "My Book" and from the internet, have found that other are unable to backup directly to that external drive due to the way it is formatted. 

You have been helpful in that you showed me that the real backup is the Norton Icon and not the lengthy number in the N360 Folder.  I am going to see if I can copy the files in the Norton Icon (Drive) and paste to my external because as you pointed out, having a backup on the internal drive is useless should it crash.  I don't know why C: is even an option for a backup location.

Thank you again for taking time out of your day to help me.  It restores my faith in human kind that not everybody is about themselves, negative, and just not good people.  God Bless and have a great day and many more after.  Jim




I have stopped reading your post after para 2 as there are issues in the first two paragraphs that need dealing with.

  1. You say "I do take the backup from the N360_Backup and copy it to an external drive."  Do you mean that the Norton backup is made to the folder on the C: drive and you then copy it to another drive?  
    • If so do you delete the original file on C:? 
    • Why do you do this and not change the Manage Backup Settings to put the backup in a sensible place in the first case?
  2. .You say "When I open the file in N360, there is the lengthy numbered file. there are file like 1) through 9) and a) through f)."  I do not believe that this is correct.  If you opened N360 and looked at "Restore Files" you would see something completely different.  The description you give appears to be of you looking in the N360_BACKUP folder and drilling down which is not helpful at the moment in moving this issue forward.
    • Are you really seeing these files when looking N360 at "Restore Files" or not?


First of all, when I set the backup settings, I have the choice of backing up to a cd or dvd.  Since I am unable to backup directly backup to my external drive, the backup setting defaults to C: and creates a folder N360_Backup.  This time, I deleted the folder N360_Backup and performed another backup.  The folder was recreated and there was again a lengthy number.  When I clicked on it, there was the 1) through 9) and a) through f) plus a small db file.  When I click on  the initial lengthy number and click on a) there are 647 files, each named with another set of lengthy numbers.  The same for b) and so on, so I don't know what this data is.  Try a backup without any external drive or cd and set the backup to c: which is your only choice other than an optical drive.  You will then have the N360_backup folder with the sub folders. Try this and you will see what it is I've been trying to explain.

When I went into Computer, there was the Norton Icon which contained a backup which I named Sept-25.  This one actually contains files of documents, photos, music, etc., however, there is no way to copy or send this data to my external drive, so basically, I have no safe backup using Norton.

Now I do go into Documents, and back up to the external drive.  I do this for Photos and for each of the individual libraries.  That is the only way to back up my personal data. 

If you look up Western Digital "My Book" on the internet, you will see several complaints that Windows 7 cannot be directly backed up to "My Book."  It appears that XP, Vista, and several of the earlier versions can be backed up to WD "My Book."



When I go into Where to save my backups, my choices are C:, CD or DVD Drive, and there is the Norton Icon which if I choose that one, I get a message that I do not have an optical drive attached, so to perform a backup, I have to choose c:.  Try choosing c:, backup, to Computer and open, and you will see a newly created file, N360_Backup and it's contents.  I am seeing what I said I've been seeing.




Sorry about the slow return post but I am a bit distracted at the moment and also cannot see how to resolve your issues.

I must also apologise if my last post appeared a little abrupt.

Your explanations help me to better understand some of the issues.

As I see it there appear to be two issues.  

  1. Your Western Digital "My Book" it appears to be difficult/impossible to use Norton directly to backup to the external drive.
  2. You want to recover a backup that you believe was made in June but do not know how to do that.

Given that I do not have a My Book to experiment with, that I remain puzzled as to exactly what you have done and that I have limited time at the moment I am wondering if the first problem might be resolved by using the backup software that I believe comes with your My Book.

As for recovering the old backup.  Can you tell me where it currently sits and how it got there?

If you can see it in the Norton Backup Drive then that would be good, but I will wait on your answer before going any further.

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Sorry to interrupt but please try this Jimmy.

Make a folder on the mybook and name it "June 30 2015".  Inside that folder put copies of the files arestore.exe and arestore.loc, also put the "N360_Backup" folder that you saved into that folder.

When you open the  "June 30 2015" folder you should see the 2 arestore files and the "N360_Backup" folder.

Double click arestore.exe

Are you able to access and restore that backup set?




Hello everyone,

I think I can shed just a bit of light here... There are three main issues that I believe @JIMMYGJR is facing:

  1. Finding the backups: whenever you backup your files using Norton, no matter if it's to the cloud or to a local drive, we don't "just" make copies of the files to those locations. After we gather the files to back up, we perform certain operations on them, to enable things like incremental backup and save space. This is the reason why, when you open the N360_Backup folder, what you see are folders and files with weird names. These ARE your files, just converted into the Norton "format". In order to see those files and restore them, you have two choices:
    • Norton Drive: this is what you refer to when you talk about the Norton Icon in My Computer. Norton Drive is, simply put, a representation of your backed up files and folders that is integrated in your Windows Explorer, put there to make it easy for you to find the files. In a sense, it's a direct access to your files, or a "translation" of the information that is stored in the N360_Backup folder in the Norton "format"
    • Norton client: your Norton Security client can do the same job as the Norton Drive. You can see your files by opening the main UI, clicking on "backup" (twice to reveal the 4 buttons if they are hidden) and then "Restore Files". From there, you can select the backup set by clicking on the blue text in section 1 (you are probably looking for a set with a name like "[NAME] on C:") and find specific files by clicking on "Browse for files and folders" on section 2.
  2. Accessing an old backup: unfortunately, I can't help you here. Indeed, our backup only saves the last version of a file. This is something we really, really, want to change, and hopefully will be able to do soon. However, at this point this is not an option. If a file you backed up has been modified, that is the only version you are going to be able to access.
  3. Backing up to your external drive: your Norton client should be able to do this for you. However, it seems from your post that there is an issue with the WD My Book. I tried to search myself but couldn't find details - is this an issue with Norton, or with Windows in general? If it's the former, then we need to do something about it. If it's the latter, maybe there is a way we can help you solve it (I'm thinking you could format the drive).
    • ​The one thing I can tell you is that it's not really advisable to move your N360_Backup folder. Your Norton client expects to find it there when performing a restore, and it will fail if the folder is missing. I tried myself and restores will work if you remember to copy that folder back to its original location before running it, but it's still a somewhat "risky" move. I understand that what you want is to backup and restore from you WD drive, though, and that's why I'm suggesting we try to help you with it.

Looking forward to more details! As usual, thanks so much to @Andmike and to @DaveH for the help :)





I have 3 Western Digital 4TB external hard drives.  They come with a backup engine that is too good.  It filled up all but a few gigs of the 4TB in one week.  I reformatted the drive, now it works like any other drive, sort of.  What I want to do is restore backups from bluray and dvd disks to my external hard drives.  I got an ai and had to reformat my hard drive.  The person who "helped" me renamed my computer.  Will this be an issue if I try to restore my files?  I have what Norton said to write on each backup, I have administrative privileges on my computer.  Can I restore these files without putting them in their original location?  It no longer exists.  Thanks. Nancy

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