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Restoring N360 Backup Files

I had Norton N360 on my computer via Comcast.  I always backed up to a stand alone hard drive.  I left Comcast and went to AT&T.  My computer crashed and I had to reset it to factory settings.  This means that I lost the Norton N360 program for restoring the N360 files.  I have the backup drive and no way to get the files off of it.  Tech. support suggested that I purchase Norton Deluxe, which I did, but that program backs up to the cloud and I can't find how to get it to open the files on my hard drive.

Any ideas?

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Re: Restoring N360 Backup Files


1. As for your "stand alone hard drive", plz read this KB.

2. online backup & new backup.

If the above KB works for you, you may make a new backup for your computer. For related guides, plz view the following support pages:

And troubleshooting ones are:

thx :)

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