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Restoring from an offline computer.

It is normal to see the message “Computer Not Online” when you are restoring to a new computer or a fresh re-installation of your operating system. Please follow these steps to restore your data:

Before you install Norton Online Backup it’s strongly suggested to alter your computer’s power settings. This will prevent your computer from going to sleep or hibernation while the restore is running. You can locate directions on how to fine tune those settings in this knowledgebase article.

Follow the below steps once you have made the above suggested changes (below steps are also available here):

 1.  Log into Norton Online Backup.

 2.  Click on “Add Device” located in the upper left.

 3.  Install the Norton Online Backup software to your new computer. The install process may re-open the login page to complete the process.

 4.  Change the backup settings, on both computers, to Manual (use "Back Up Now" only). This is located under the “Settings” button followed by the “When” tab.

 5.  Click on “File Actions” next to the device you want to restore data from and click on “Restore Files” from the list of available options.

It is normal to see the message “Computer Not Online” next to the device you wish to restore from. This message does not mean that you cannot restore from it. Only that that specific device is no longer connected or available for further backups.

 6.  Click on “Show Options”, found to the right, once the next page loads.

 7.  Locate the option called “Restore to Other”. Click on the dropdown box and change it to the device you recently installed. This will be the computer you’re restoring to.

 8.  Select the option to “Place Files in the “Restored Files” folder on your desktop located under “Files Options”. Selecting the option to “Restore Files to their original location on your computer” likely will not work since your new computer or operating system installation may not be setup exactly the same as the old one.

 9.  Select the files you wish to restore from the “Folders” list located at the bottom of the page.

The left side of the folder tree will display the folder structure of your backed up data. You will need to select the folder that you want to restore by clicking on it in the left hand pane. The contents of that folder will be displayed on the right hand side. Please be patient since it may a few moments for the folder and file view to refresh.

10. You can click in the checkbox to select everything to restore or further expand the folder tree on the left to narrow down your selection to specific files or folders. 

Restoring data in smaller sets can be faster if you have a large amount of data. The overall process will still take some time.

11. Once you have selected what you wish to restore scroll down to the bottom and click “Start Restore”

Please BE PATIENT. This will not be an instant download as the service re-builds your data based on what you selected to restore. It’s suggested to start it and leave it be till the restore completes.

12. You will be able to place your data once the restore has completed. Follow steps 5-11 if you opted to restore your data in sections until all files are restored

13. Please write down any errors you encounter if the restore fails at any point. This will help Norton support diagnose and resolve the issue better.