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Restoring from online backup

 To all who use online backup. The restore process can be very frustrating as your expectations may be different than you will happen. I did not know what was going to happen in my case.

 I do believe that there should be more instruction as to the process in the screen where you can check your backup sets and start your restore or download of files. Going so far as to say the process may take several days. It would be nice if it where possible to give  an approximate time to complete, much like when you move files within windows. I do understand that the files need to be compiled, encrypted and then sent. So it would be very much an estimate of time.

 Had I known the process would be long I would have let my initial restore run through and WAITED for any error at that time.

 That all being said I did get all the support I needed from those who helped, with special thanks to   wweltey