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Revisit: How to "Unhide" my Norton Toolbar on Google Chrome.

Sometimes, "Old Pros", like myself, rediscover they can embarrass themselves quite well, thank you. For example, while using Google Chrome, I decided to hide the Norton Toolbar while viewing a web page.  Then, I decided to "unhide" it, but could not determine how to do so.

Norton Help told me how, but I could not find the little square icon for "Norton Secured" that was supposed to be on the top right side of the Chrome window so I could click it.  I diligently searched for a solution, but found nothing.   

I entered my "dumb ass" mode by pausing and removing my hands from the keyboard.  But, I have an unconscious habit of gently moving my mouse pointer in little circles around my screen while thinking.  When the cursor floated over the right end of the "URL address" field, I idly noticed the cursor change to a double ended arrow, which means that field length can be shortened or lengthened.

You guessed it!  This "Old Pro" had widened the URL field until the little icons had disappeared.  Google Chrome does not give you a visual clue about the presence of those hidden icons, so I was clueless!

Yep, as soon as I dragged the right end of the URL field to my left, the little icons reappeared, I clicked the Norton Secured icon, and my Norton Tool Bar reappeared.

Sigh!  Guess this what an "Old Pro" calls "Go back to basics" to solve your problem.



Re: Revisit: How to "Unhide" my Norton Toolbar on Google Chrome.

Good find. Thanks for letting us know.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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