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This forum thread needs a solution.

Runescape is blocked and area's on the game I can't play

I can't acces runescape anymore.  The firewall must be turned off to be able to play it.

I can't access citadel also.

What can I do ?

Will I have to cancell my norton payments or is the a solution ???

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Re: Runescape is blocked and area's on the game I can't play

Hello pedmeyer

Do you have the legitimate game and key if there is one? If you do, is the game .exe entered into the firewall? You can send the game's .exe to Virus Total to make sure it is clean. When you say you can't play the game any more, what is happening when you try to play the game.

If you are absolutely sure that the game is clean and the game servers are clean, you can put the game's folder into the section of the Antivirus Settings>Scams and Risks>Exclusions/Low Risks>Enter the folder or game .exe into the first 2 areas that you can put exclusions into in that section. Remember to hit Apply when you do that.

Hope this helps.


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