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Sad to say - I'm on my way

I wonder how many others are getting fed up with the subscription software model adopted by so my companies these days.  I have been a faithful Norton customer for years.  In recent times the annual subscription has leaped ahead of inflation.  Often this goes unnoticed because of the dangerous automatic renewal slider.  Having now reached 59 GBP for a year I have decided to pull the plug.  I can buy a whole year's worth of MS Office for that kind of money.  The situation is particularly galling since I could go to my local computer store and buy a heavily discounted entry  sub for currently under 20 GBP.  In my innocence I had for years thought it would be appropriate for Norton and many others to reward loyalty but the reverse is true and we are penalised for staying put.  Not fair!  So it's goodbye to NIS and hello to Windows Defender (latest Fall Creators' Edition at least as good as anything out there).  Come on Norton - you've got 100 days to persuade me to change my mind!  

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Re: Sad to say - I'm on my way

Every year I purchase Norton at a discount from a reputable source as buying/renewing from Norton directly is costly. 
You’d think renewing would be cheaper.

I have MBAM premium & am considering Win Defender instead of Norton; I have a Norton subscription card in case I change my mind or decide to renew for one more year.

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Re: Sad to say - I'm on my way


You can turn off automatic Renewal. You then can buy Norton Security Deluxe or Norton Security Premium depending on how many devices are needed or if you need the Backup Feature or not. We recommend everyone who asks about it to do this.

Norton charges the higher price because it considers it as a convenience fee. It doesn't want to see the product cheaper than any of its partner sites that sell the products. It's all a marketing ploy. You can always turn Automatic Renewal back on if you want to use Norton to clean up a virus from your computer. After it has done the job, you can turn it back off again after Norton does it's clean up job. You just have to remember every year when you install the new key to turn the Automatic Renewal back off again. and pay attention to the number of days remaining in your subscription so that you enter the new key when the subscription is just about up. Just be careful where you buy it from and stay away from places like eBay. Amazon is OK as long as you purchase new products and not used ones.

Near to the time when your subscription is up, start shopping around for the best price. Since all sales are now online, most sellers tell you to download the product from Norton anyway. Most of the time, you can just enter the new key and then have a chat with Norton to get any days added back in . You might have to uninstall the product if it has changed a lot or if your previous version has given you lots of problems.

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