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Safe Web Report problem


as administrator of sites I am here with problem. your Safe Web report, marked my site as hacked/infected. But it`s false possitive. I am talking particaly about this one.

I scanned site with malware detector, clamav and everthing seems to be clear. I can provide logs of this scans. I even can`t re-evaluate site, because that one in my account just "jammed".

Thank you for fast answer in advance.



Re: Safe Web Report problem

Hello Keagan

Did you check out each of the 72 links that have the malware? Did you click on the little symbol on your Safe Web report? I will let the Safe Web Team know that you say it's a false positive.


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Re: Safe Web Report problem

Hello, yes I did, I had an eye into code but nothing here (no eval, no links etc.)

It`s a wordpress site, so I scanned it with multiple plugins and with clamav on server.

Accepted Solution
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Re: Safe Web Report problem


We have manually analyzed your site 'adonisindex.com' and found it to be clean so we have changed its rating to green.




Re: Safe Web Report problem

Thank you.

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