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scam mobile phone call so say from Norton Security

Just had a mobile phone call from a person saying they were from Norton Security and there was a problem with updates of anti virus they know my name and would I turn my Pc on and they would update my anti virus,(you dont catch me with this one) I have had a number of this type of calls lately the last one was from a area code for Bradford I rang my phone provider as I was suspicious of it they told me it was a car salesroom phone number (Norton Security car sales dont think so ) this mobile number I could not trace I also rang Norton in the past and asked if it was their policy to ring users of their product and was told they NEVER ring and it was a scam just as I thought so if any one gets a call like this report it to the appropriate authority


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Re: scam mobile phone call so say from Norton Security

It would be GREAT if all users were as careful!

Norton is in good company though - been getting calls from Microsoft for years telling me I have a problem. I agree, and they are it.

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Re: scam mobile phone call so say from Norton Security

It probably was not even from the car salesroom despite the number since these telemarketers and scammers spoof the numbers that show up on Caller ID.

Here in the USA the website 800Notes is very useful for checking specific numbers to see if others are reporting or querying them and if so what they experienced. I wonder what you have in the UK which is where I assume you are located. I'm a former Cheshire Cat but working in the textile industry when I lived in the UK I know Bradford and that area.


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