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Scan of external hard drive.

How can I prevent the scanning of my external hard drive during a full system scan? I use the hard drive to store photos and as a backup for the main disc in the PC, so anything on the external drive has already been scanned before it was installed onto the external drive and doesn't need to be scanned again. The scan of this device extends the time of a full scan by quite a lot as I store a large quantity of files on it.



Re: Scan of external hard drive.

Hi, Charles. It's best to keep an external drive disconnected, except when actually in use to avoid infection by malware.

Disconnect when you're doing a full scan, and it will only scan your normal C drive.

Also run the Insight Scan/ All running Processes, and when that is finished in the drop down menu, run an ALL Files Scan.

From then on, Norton will only scan new and changed files which will speed things up.

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