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scan time has increased by 12x, revisited

See old thread (same name) for background on this story.  I was away for a few weeks and when I returned I tried once more to turn off MBAM.  I rebooted and ran a scan and got my 2MM files scanned in under an hour, just like it used to do in March.  I then turned MBAM on and it still works fine.  I have put exclusions in MBAM to ignore the Norton engine, but that does not seem to work since when I check history I can see where MBAM was trying to mess with Norton.  However, in spite of that all now is working fine.  Both my Norton and MBAM scans are quick like they used to be.  Not sure what the problem was from late March thru late May, but all is well now and did not have to reinstall.

Thank you for listening.