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Scanning Downloads

Hi I'm new to Norton Security..I have been using McAfee for past few years.  My question is this - Does norton inform you if it is scanning a download and tell you it is safe?  Or does it only tell you if it thinks a file may contain a virus?  I'm asking because my McAfee used to tell me it was scanning every download I did and would say it was safe or dangerous.  So far the Norton has not even acknowledged any downloads which leaves me uneasy as to if it is even scanning them.  Any help on this?


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Re: Scanning Downloads

Yes, by default you will see a fly-out on the bottom right of your monitor when you download a file

Which browser are you using?  I have noticed if I download with Cyberfox I don't see that fly-out but Norton does scan the file if and when it tries to execute.

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Re: Scanning Downloads

Using Google Chrome..I prefer FireFox but apparently the Norton add-ons aren't compatible with it.  I have not noticed the flag when downloading which raised my concern as to whether or not downloads were being scanned.  Also making me wonder is that I have tested this by downloading ROM files that my McAfee would have questioned and asked for permission to download where the Norton does not even flinch at them.  What do you think?


Re: Scanning Downloads

Hi, Jonny. This info may be useful, re the notifications.  This is part of the Norton info file.

When you download files from the Internet, your Norton product removes the unsafe files and the files with poor reputation. In some cases, you might want to download an unsafe file. To download an unsafe file, you must turn off the Download Intelligence option. Turning off or turning on Download Intelligence

After you turn off the Download Intelligence option, the Norton product lets you download the file and does not remove it from your computer. When you turn off the Download Intelligence option, you can choose to turn it off permanently or for a specific period of time. We recommend you to turn off the Download Intelligence option only for the time it takes to download the unsafe file. After the time period that you specified is over, the Norton product automatically turns on Download Intelligence.

When you turn off the Download Intelligence option, you reduce the level of protection of your computer against any malicious program that you download from the Internet. To ensure that your computer is protected, after you download the file, you can manually turn on the Download Intelligence option, even if the specified time is not over.

Go through your settings to familiarise yourself with them, and check the ? icon to the right for more info.

Do you have the Download Insight Notification option under Download Intelligence, set to on ?

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