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Scheduled Quick Scan - Results not what I expected

I schedule a Quick scan about 7:00PM which  is 15 minutes before my nightly Image backup is scheduled to run. However there are no messages about what the Quick Scan found and removed. So I  manually run a quick scan after the scheduled Quick Scan and before the Image backup starts (Keep in mind that no Web Browsers or other programs are open during this period of time)  an the manual Quick Scan reports about 20 cookies. I have  run the manual scan for several days now and the results are the same.

My question is why isn't the scheduled quick scan removing these cookies?



Re: Scheduled Quick Scan - Results not what I expected

Hello. Check your settings in your Norton product to match the screenshot below.


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Re: Scheduled Quick Scan - Results not what I expected

My settings match / identical to your screen shot.

Thanks for the reply.

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Re: Scheduled Quick Scan - Results not what I expected

Hi JImS:

According to delphinium's 2011 post <here> only manual Quick Scans (along with manual and scheduled Full System / Custom scans) will scan for tracking cookies.  I believe Norton re-configured automatic Quick Scans to stop looking for tracking cookies several years ago because users complained about the frequent pop-up warnings every time an automatic Quick Scan ran in the background and found a low risk tracking cookie.

Also note that Norton will automatically schedule a Quick Scan to run while your system is idle every time a new SDS (virus) Definition set is delivered via an Automatic LiveUpdate.  There's no harm in scheduling a daily Quick Scan but your Norton Performance Graph might show that these background idletime Quick Scans already run a few times a day on your computer.  If your background idletime Quick Scans don't run at least once a day then decrease your Idle Time Out (Settings | Administrative Settings | Idle Time Out) below the default setting of 5 min to see if this increases the frequency of your background scans.

If your manual Quick Scans are finding lots of tracking cookies you might want to configure your browser to block third-party cookies and/or clean cookies on exit.  You can also install an ad blocker like Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin in your browser that can automatically block tracking cookies.
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Re: Scheduled Quick Scan - Results not what I expected

I believe lmacri to be correct.  I recall from a while back that unattended Quick Scans will not remove tracking cookies, but I was unable to find recent documentation before posting.

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Re: Scheduled Quick Scan - Results not what I expected

Thank you both for your replies. I was manually running a Quick Scan up until about a week or two ago but would occasionally forget to run the scan before my scheduled Image Backup was due to start, so I tried the scheduled Quick Scan. Now that I know why it does not do the same job I'll just go back to manually running it.

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