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Scheduled Scans No Longer Working

HI All,

I have two scheduled scans I have set up to run in Norton. One full system scan that runs on the weekend at 3:30 AM which is set to not power off my computer and a weekly quick scan that runs Monday through Friday at 3:30 AM and shuts my computer off after the scan is done. Sometime last week my scheduled scans stopped working. I have tried the autofix function, which doesn't find anything. I tried using the remove and install tool to reinstall norton. I have also looked through every setting I could find to turn off anything having to do with conserving power or only running during idle. This also appears to be affecting my backups but live update appears unaffected. I am on Windows 10 Pro.

Anyone have any idea what happened or how to fix it? 



Re: Scheduled Scans No Longer Working


Something simple to start with - please ensure your system clock (time and date) are correct.


Re: Scheduled Scans No Longer Working

HI yank,

Thank you for your reply. My system clock currently shows the correct date and time and is set to sync with internet time.


Re: Scheduled Scans No Longer Working

TexTank, have you done a full restart, and do you have Fast Start Up enabled ?

Fast Start Up is known to cause issues.

Have you also tried the REMOVE option in the NRRT, and then downloaded a copy of your Norton product from your Norton account ?

This will give you a fresh install in the event of any corruption.

Let us know how you go.

Windows 10 Home X 64

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