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This forum thread needs a solution.

Is searchencrypt.com really "safe"?

Norton Security Premium 2019 installed on a new Win 10 laptop.

My search window is normally Norton Safe Search. Occasionally, don't know why but my search window goes to "searchencrypt.com". Looks like a normal search window but goes into the add chrome extension routine. Before adding checked to assure Norton considers safe and there is the green check mark, "OK" with details on the Norton web site.

In a chrome search all (except their own advertisement) references to searchencrypt.com are sites advising how to remove this malware / spyware.  Users trying to get rid of it cite it's intrusive behavior including incessant advertising, popups and goodness only knows what info they possibly steal. Seems nobody likes it.

What's to be believed? Overwhelming fear / dislike of the site or Norton's OK? 

Does my Norton Security Premium have the smarts / horsepower to remove it if it got into my PC? 


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Re: Is searchencrypt.com really "safe"?

Search encrypt is an advertising program that gets installed in your PC in the form of an extension. It is a browser hijacker which can ruin your computer’s settings. Search encrypt emerges as default start-up page and acts like your usual search engine. It is a misleading application that is listed under the adware category. It is classified as a potentially unwanted program.

Many problems are caused through browser hijackers, which got installed on your computer through a free program, that’s how usually hijackers infect the computers. Now, how do we fix it? You probably are looking to get rid of the Search encrypt as well as you want to restore all your browser setting to the default state i.e. homepage, new tab and the default search engine. In the manual below you will be guided through few easy steps you need to follow in order to resolve this this issue.

This browser hijacker would more often target the most common web browsers like google chrome, internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Once in the computer they would change the default web page on all the web browsers by changing its shortcuts (adding ‘http: //site. address’ into Target field of web-browser’s shortcut). So, the first thing your internet browsers would display is the search encrypt site. And it does not matter how many times you reset the web browser, the homepage would again change to search encrypt.

The search engine encrypt browser hijacker not just modifies the search engines on the browser but the it would redirect all your search to infected web pages, which would consist ads or we say the browser would be infected with ad-wares. These ad-ware would redirect the search result displaying unwanted Ads, malevolent websites or it would give your false security warnings. These ad-wares can also be programmed as spywares to collect personal details from the computer. 

We recommend you to get rid of such browser hijacker search encrypt, it’s not getting better until we take an action right now but, its gonna get even worse as the longer it stays on the computer it will make way for other malicious programs. 

source: google

How To Remove SearchEncrypt.com  


Re: Is searchencrypt.com really "safe"?

Hello Ardeem

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

I will submit this website to the Safe Web Team for a re-evaluation.

Please stay tuned to this thread for a response from the Safe Web Team on Sunday night after midnight EDT.

Have a Good Night and


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