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Secure Vault inputs old password...

I had to change my password for my banking site a few months ago, and I've had nothing but trouble ever since. The site kept telling me it didn't recognize my password. I checked to see that the Norton Secure Vault was on, tried it again, and got the same results. When I tried it a third time I noticed the password was being changed at the last second. So I opened my Security Vault, deleted the entries for the site entirely, and called my bank to get a temporary password., Well it's still not allowing me to use my temporary password. It's altering the password just before it attempts to login desp[ite the fact that I deleted the enry entirely! How do I turn this thing off??



Re: Secure Vault inputs old password...

You can disable or uninstall the extension in your browser to stop using ID Safe. 

If the bank is giving you a temporary password, that is designed to get you access to your account so you can change the password to something you want to use. So try the following after you have changed the password for your bank.

Try deleting the entries again, then completely signing out of your vault and Norton Account. To sign out of your Norton Account, click the ID Safe icon in your browser and at the bottom of the window is your email address. Click on Sign Out. Restart your computer and sign back into your vault. Then log into your bank site manually and ID Safe should save the new login information. Log out of your bank site and try logging in again to see if ID Safe works correctly.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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