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This forum thread needs a solution.

Security of Backed Up Files

Hi, I am trying to use the Backup feature in Norton Security with Backup.  It seems to run fine once I understood how to create the backup that I wanted rather than everything on a specific drive!!  I created a store of about 1Gb out of the 25 available.

Question - I backed up files from my Desktop machine (with say a backup set name of DESKTOP1) to Norton's secure (cloud) server - NOT a local drive.  Later, I logged on to my laptop (running the same multi license copy of Norton Security) and opened my Restore Files within the Backup.  The Backup Set called DESKTOP 1 was not visible.  Should I be able to see (and use) my 'cloud' backups from all my licensed installations on various machines from each licensed machine?  I have looked in the User Manual and there is no mention of this (I think).  If there are setting that could be wrong can someone help?

Thoughts - if I should be able to see and download files, is this actually a secure solution - anyone opening Norton on any machine using my license key can access my files?  If I cannot see them then the backup is simply like an external hard drive permanently connected to a single computer.

Just trying to get my head round how this feature works.

Thanks, Frank