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"Security Request: Outbound traffic detected" message keeps popping up

On my laptop, a security request message keeps popping up, saying outbound traffic detected, and asking if I want to run Power Eraser. Even if I have just run that, it will happen again just a few minutes later. There doesn't seem to be any other option to make the request go away, and it's happening so frequently, something must be wrong.



Re: "Security Request: Outbound traffic detected" message keeps popping up

Hello AnnieSJ

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

What Norton product and version number please? Also what o/s and service pack please? Have you run a full scan with your Norton product?

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Re: "Security Request: Outbound traffic detected" message keeps popping up

I assume that NS is blocking the outbound traffic.

It could be that your installation of NS is corrupted, there is some "glitch" in your installation or something innocent on your system that NS is finding to be suspicious or unproven=false positive, or you have some spyware that is able to avoid detection by Norton Power Eraser. But if NS is blocking the traffic it might be dangerous to do a clean re-installation.

Does this occur constantly when your laptop is on? Or only occasionally or frequently?

Do you use any uncommon programs or a program you wrote ("unproven" in NS parlance) which might be setting off the alarm as a suspicious program.

Microsoft has a free tool you can download called TCP View that will show you in real time what processes are communicating outside your PC. Incoming and outbound. It might help you identify what, if any. process is setting off the NS warning.


If you find a suspicious process, as always, you are advised not to try to remove it yourself but to visit one of the recommended malware removal sites. Those sites might also be able to determine if it is spyware that is triggering the NS warning.

If it is malware/spyware it must be very nasty if Norton Power Eraser can not detect or remove it.


Re: "Security Request: Outbound traffic detected" message keeps popping up

Hi, Annie. The free malware removal sites hok is referring to, are the ones we recommend.

If you choose to use them, pick one and stay with that expert, until your system is fixed.

Do not try any self fixing options, beforehand.

http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ (link is external)
http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/ (link is external)
http://www.cybertechhelp.com/forums/ (link is external)
http://www.whatthetech.com/ (link is external)

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