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Selecting local backup

I have been running Norton Utilities, Internet Security and Ghost 14.  I just bought the new version of Utilities and am looking for a backup solution since Ghost apparently doesn't exist anymore.  I keep running into a local backup to my 3TB drive, but as soon as I click on it I get a 25GB ONLINE backup program.  What in the world is going on???  Why can't I get my desired local backup???



Re: Selecting local backup

Hi bitsnpieces1.

Sorry for the long delay in responding.  

The short answer is .. I do not know.  However I am not a user of Norton Utilities and it may be that if you post your question in the Other Norton Products forum someone with knowledge of Norton Utilities may be able to help.  I am assuming from what you said that there is a backup feature in your latest version of Norton Utilities.

Otherwise all I can say is that Norton Security Premium does allow you to do local backups.


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