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Serious flaw in cloud backup

This has happened twice since I upgraded to Norton 360 and started using cloud backup.

I create a backup set and I call it "My backup."  I run cloud backup for some time, and I have a backup set on the cloud with multiple versions of the files that have changed.  That's exactly what I want.

Norton then crashes and says it's going to automatically remove and reinstall itself.  OK.  Now even if I create a backup set with the same name and settings as before, it's new as far as the cloud is concerned.  So I don't have enough space to even run this backup.  The only way it will work is to delete the existing backup in the cloud.  Support eventually upgraded me to have more space in the cloud, but now I'll have to pay for it.  And what happens when it crashes again and I have to create yet another backup set?

Unfortunately, Remove and Reinstall don't give you the options of saving your settings.  



Re: Serious flaw in cloud backup

You can remove the old backup set from your online storage using Windows Explorer.

Using a Windows Admin account, open Windows Explorer and click on This PC in the left pane. Then in the right pane, double click on the Norton Backup Drive. Be patient as this can take a little time to populate. Find the older backup set and right click on it and choose Delete. Again this can take some time to complete so be patient.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Serious flaw in cloud backup

I don't want to remove the old backup set.  I want the "new" one to add to it, so I have the history of changed files.  Even if I call the backup set the same as the old one, it creates a new one in the cloud.

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