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setting up back problems

We have purchased and installed security premium without problems. We have used one spare key to set up on another device, the problem I'm having is when I try to back up or alter my sets on the second device Norton wants me to enter the password for the main account holder even though I am signed in to my account. I cant find a way to set up my back up under my own password.

Surely if you have ten keys you don't have to give everyone your password in order to use them?

Any help would be appreciated

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Re: setting up back problems


Not sure I understand - "I am signed in to my account".  Which account re you talking about?  Your windows user account (guessing you are using a Windows OS) or your Norton Account?  You should have a separate Norton Account from the main account holder.  That way you could also have your own password manager also.

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Re: setting up back problems

The backups are stored in a cloud storage space assigned to the primary account user. So if you have set up a separate Norton Account so you can have your own Norton Password Manager vault, you cannot use that to store your backups.

The original account holder will have to sign you into their Norton Account, on your computer, to establish your backups in their account. Remember the 25GB storage limit is shared among all computers. Once established, you normally do not have to log into the account again, unless you are making changes to the backup sets.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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