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Settings Password Entry Fails

Trying to enter settings to configure firewall. Confronted by Enter Password dialogue box. The password for my Norton account fails even though it is the password I use to enter my account. Any ideas?



Re: Settings Password Entry Fails

Settings Password Protection lets you set a password to view or change device security settings.
Your Settings Password Protection password is not (may not) your Norton account password.

Make sure Settings Password Protection is On.
Make sure you're in Admin user account. 

Restart machine (not Shut down) and try the password you set for your Settings Password Protection.


Re: Settings Password Entry Fails

All: First is the OP logged into the system under and admin account? The other question for me is, had their been a settings password set prior? Maybe the poster is confused about their Norton account password being the default for all Norton settings in the product itself? These two scenarios are discussed in this Norton article. If the issue is a forgotten password for Norton password protection settings the product must be reinstalled.


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