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Silent Mode Greyed Out

You know, I am getting real tired of Norton products...heavy ended, memory hogs, interferes with legitimate programs.  Now some recent update has disabled my Silent Mode, meaning I have Norton doing crap in the background when I am trying to game.  Anyone know how to get this back up and working without needing to completely remove Norton?  If I have to again, I will not be putting it back on.  I have a Kapersky subscription as well if needed.

I am unable to turn it back on in settings and the installation repair is telling me to reinstall.

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Re: Silent Mode Greyed Out

Hi KingOfChaos,

Please have a look @ the following from the Help on the  Silent Mode:

"In the User-Specified Programs row, click Configure to add memory-intensive programs that you want to run in Quiet Mode. When you use these programs, Norton stops background tasks that could slow performance and restarts them when you are finished."

Additional info in this link:


Also bear in mind that once you come out of Quiet or Silent Mode, Norton will attempt to run the background tasks that were not completed while you were gaming.

Let us know if this is any help.  If this work around does not work, then you may have no choice but to uninstall/reinstall.


Re: Silent Mode Greyed Out

Holy crap, you know how many games I have?  It would take me hours to add every single one and Steam games don't have a normal executable to add.


Re: Silent Mode Greyed Out

If you are running the games in full screen mode, Silent mode should kick in anyway.

See number 4 on this page.   https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/norton-security-with-backup/

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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