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[Solution/Report] Norton Security freezes during installation on Windows 10 when in tablet mode

Windows 10 Home (32bit), build 10.0.10586. (KB3124263 (Cumulative Jan 2016 Update) & possibly build KB3124262 (Feb 2016). Latter update installed between attempts and initially developed the same symptoms.)
Norton Security (NS) Versions: 22.5.2 (Trial version) &
Resolution: 1280x800
Device: Acer ICONIA W3-810
Note: mSD card not inserted. Tablet connected to wall and did not go into sleep mode.

Issue: NS freezes during installation when in tablet mode. Can potentially install, but has numerous problems that develop. Found that the reboot after Feb 2016 system cumulative update forced it to load in a broken manner.

Symptom: Installation window becomes unresponsive with CPU usage continuing. Window elements stop moving for greater than 10 minutes with continual CPU usage and no disk or network usage.

Note: System wiped with NRT after each failed installation.

Solution: Turn tablet mode off before installation. Re-enable afterwards.

Note: Window still became unresponsive during installation, expectedly, with tablet mode off due to low specifications and slower SSD.

Further issues in tablet mode: Some UI elements remain difficult to work with in tablet mode.



Re: [Solution/Report] Norton Security freezes during installation on Windows 10 when in tablet mode

Hello Opti

I have seen a few instances tonight of customers complaining about Norton not working with Windows 10. This seems to be caused in my opinion by Microsoft's cumulative update. I have brought this to Norton's attention, but being it's the weekend, I most likely won't get any responses before Monday. I will add this thread to my list. Tonight is the first time I have seen these types of complaints.

I will have to check with my sons also to see if they are having any issues since they are on Win 10. I'm still on Win 7. Hearing about these types of issues makes me glad I'm still on Win 7.


Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

Re: [Solution/Report] Norton Security freezes during installation on Windows 10 when in tablet mode

Thank you for the reply!

NS installed faster than I could even completely boot on my Windows 10 Pro 64bit desktop that has the newer update, so I'm inclined to believe that it was the low resolution tablet UI that caused the issue.

If needed, I can uninstall the update on both to verify this conclusion.

Basic cumulative updates shouldn't affect day to day usage more than the classically delivered massive number of individual updates wrapped into one bundle. The ones that are more concerning are the build upgrades that add features and can easily disrupt system AV bundles, such as Norton, in the same manner that Service Packs have in the past. The average consumer should not have to worry about these by remaining up to date with their programs that interact with the kernel and such. By not using the Insider fast-track upgrade cycle, you're preventing most issues from occurring due to updates.

Overall, I honestly believe that MS is on the right track with their switching to a "rolling release" method of updating so as to drop much of the development bloat that has historically hindered the updating of Windows, Windows Mobile, and Windows for Xbox.

Windows 7 and earlier do most certainly still have a place for deprecated hardware and software.

Regardless, I am most curious about how this next build upgrade will affect NS.

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