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(SOLVED) Norton Login Assistant Problems

Since I updated to the most recent Norton 360 anytime I open my browser(Chrome-freshly installed) and navigate to a website that I have a login stored for it, It either fills it in like normal or not at all. Then once It moves on to the next window, about 5 seconds later, the login assistant window pops up in the top left corner.  It stops me from typing anywhere else until I click the X on that window.  This is an extremely annoying window.  Its not helping me fill in logins, its just popping up after ive navigated to the next page.  The previous version did not do this.  This new version also fails to fill in 1/2 of my logins that I have saved.  Once I type them in like normal and login, it does the same thing that It does when It correctly fills in my login.  The old Identity Safe worked flawlessly and was my favorite feature about Norton, but if this one doesn't get corrected, ill probably find something else to handle my security instead of this appalling new toolbar by Norton.



Re: (SOLVED) Norton Login Assistant Problems

Hi Matt880,

Could you please tell everyone what you did to solve this situation?  It may help someone in the future by you suppliying the solution you used.

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