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Some Observations regarding my Renewal Process

Do I need a solution or am I just sharing information?

My NS license expired and I bought a 10 license from Amazon ($20 less than renewing through Norton). Adding the new license # (Product key)to the first machine was painless.

Going into Norton Manager, I thought I'd painlessly update the other computers in my network. This leads me to the following questions:

Does anyone at Norton test their UIs? 
The devices page let me attempt to 'Enter a different key', then it ignored it. After several failed attempts, I figured out I had to 'Install a Service'. There was no error message or other instructions at all.
There was also no message telling me I had to go to the satellite computer and click on the popup to download it.

Then, after a forced restart, I was told my 'Trial Subscription has Expired'. Not a deal breaker, but clearly not what one would call professional coding.

Why does my Android tablet not have an option to enter a new Product Key? Do I have to delete the device and add it again? That seems to be the only option, other than buy a new license for 59.95, which is the only option the 'Renew Now' link gives me.

Finally - (this is a sharing part) - be sure to rename your computers as you do the install. Why, why, why, does the Services page show my computers with their correct Network names:

Where I can't actually 'manage' my installs, only delete them. But CLEARLY, Norton knows the Network Names of my devices.

But the Home Tab, where I can manage the installs, creates a generic name, with no link to the actual computer. I had forgotten that after a year, So now I have to play detective:

Which Windows 8.1 is which? I've only got 5 computers. I can't imagine the headache a real Network Admin must go through. If only the NS app window on the local machine showed which device it was. But no such luck. Why would it create a new name when it knows the actual name?  A mystery inside an enigma.

And on the Devices Tab, I can't even see the whole description:

This is Coding 101 stuff. It's careless. And, it makes it a PITA for the administrator. Otherwise I wouldn't be so harsh.



Re: Some Observations regarding my Renewal Process

Hi artsworkmetal,

I used the Enter a Different Key button for each system I wanted to add the new Key on.  A box popped up and I entered the New key, clicked OK and I was done with that system. I did that all on the original system's Management that I installed the new product on originally.

On Home Tab - left click on name of computer - it will switch to Devices Tab and display both ability to Rename Device or Remove Device.

On Device Tab with the format you show, left clicking the name of the computer also provides the ability to Rename Device or Remove Device.

Using either method mentioned above to rename the device (once you figure out which is which) will change the name on both the Home and the Device Tabs.  You can rename them to match what is shown in your Manage my Installs list.  The name in your Manage my installs list is the name shown in your System Information and is controlled via Control Panel > System > Computer Name > Change Settings

If memory serves me correctly, if you log into your Norton Account from your Android, it will pick up the new activation, thus showing your actual days left in lieu of the trial.

Hope I answered all of your questions.


Re: Some Observations regarding my Renewal Process

I think you're sharing. I find it the other way round. Services is absolutely correct but Devices is nonsense. And trying to sort Devices yourself usually just results in the wee circle going round forever until you get bored and abandon it.

I agree the names we give Devices should be the names used in Services which appears to be the Windows computer names.


Re: Some Observations regarding my Renewal Process

I agree the names we give Devices should be the names used in Services which appears to be the Windows computer names.

I agree -- here's what I think will work as a workaround and not too difficult.

Go to the Computer called (I invent) DC1 in system information and open either the file manager (Windows Explorer) or Disk Management (search on the start button for 7 / Search on 8 or 10 is one way to get to Disk Management and select the Partition that contains the booting OS that is misnamed in Norton Management.

You need to give this Drive, or Partition if more than one,the same name as the System Information eg DC1 in my example so do this with Windows Explorer Properties or with Rename in Disk Management and OK your way out.

I think you will find that Norton picks up this name and uses that in Norton Management. I say "think" because I have not had to do it retroactively because my desktop is multibooted with several different versions of Windows on it and I match the names when I create the partition and install the new OS in it. But that way round definitely names the computer to match what is meaningful for me and that name shows up when I install Norton on it the first time ....

Hope you can follow that and that it works for you as a workaround; I think the problem for Norton doing it is that they can't read your mind and find what you want to call the computer on which it is going to install so it picks up what Windows calls it because it knows where to find that.

Otherwise as you may have been saying, you can delete each installation and reinstall one step at a time and rename to your choice as you go along. I've had to do that on one occasion and I know other users who have.


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