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First off, I apologize if this particular subject has been discussed before.  However, I did search for "SONAR.heuristic.170" and the search did not yield anything on this.  Anyway, here is my issue.  Norton detected "SONAR.heuristic.170 " and I did some research and wasn't able to find out exactly what this was but the security rating was HIGH so I had this quarantined as recommended.  I did look to see what file was infected/affected (winword.exe) but didn't think anything of it.  When I tried to fire up MS Word I was notified that this programs shortcut was useless and you're out of luck, as if Word was completely deleted from my MS Office Suite.  I restored SONAR.heuristic.170 from quarantine and Word loaded fine and now I can continue working on that novel. 

Exactly what is "SONAR.heuristic.170 " and why does it render MS Word useless when removed?

Should I remove "SONAR.heuristic.170 " and find another way to access MS Word?  

I attached a screen shot of the Norton notification. 

Thank you folks in advance.   

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Re: SONAR.heuristic.170

Hi, derek. Here's the Symantec article re this detection. It might help your issue.


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