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Speaking of missing Norton TB (in IE) ...

Ran across an interesting one at a new client’s office today…  They just got a few dozen new Win 8 Pro Intel i5 based HP Notebooks for their field team.  They all came with Norton 2013 (2yr subs) pre-installed.  The company’s standard setup calls for the Desktop side IE to be preset to open several bowser tabs that their field agents require.

Noticed that on every machine the Norton Toolbar was missing on all tabs (except for the X to close it), except for the last tab in the startup group – that tab showed the toolbar as expected.  Verified that if IE is set to open only one tab on startup then the toolbar appears as expected, but if set for multiple tabs on startup, the toolbar only shows up on the last tab.

The company owner requested that NIS2013 be uninstalled from all the new notebooks and replaced with Kaspersky Pure 2 – but that’ll be tomorrow’s task.  Already spoke with HP who’s promised to issue refunds for the Symantec NIS2013 licenses.

Kind Regards,