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Specific folder name doesn't allow backup

I noticed a problem in backing up a folder beginning with the ~ . I named some folders like this because it was quicker access for the ones that I used the most in My Documents. All this time I thought these folders were being backed up but with nearly 1TB of information, I didn't notice a few GBs were missing.

After having to do a factory refresh on my computer, I go to put my files back and only then discover the folders beginning with ~ missing. Fortunately I had also backed up my files elsewhere using a different method so no lost data.

The attached screenshot shows how I was testing different folder file names and only the one beginning with the ~ doesn't backup. I have solved my own problem but I wasn't able to find this issue in the Forums and wanted to see if others (or Symantec) knew about this?

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Re: Specific folder name doesn't allow backup

Hello Bob. The special character ~ as well as certain others in the file/folder naming has been an issue for some time. Here is an older thread where Guru Dick Evans discusses it.


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Re: Specific folder name doesn't allow backup

Thanks. I can understand the special characters \  / : * ? " < > | being off limits as Windows won't take those as part of a folder name either but the ~ would seem fairly easy to change in Norton; as it has been at least 6 years (and probably from inception), I assume no change is forthcoming.

Regardless, I just won't use the ~ and I also noticed that if a folder is hidden, then it and all its sub-folders aren't backed up either unless one specifically includes the hidden folders. I suppose if I find myself with wanting something to do, I could test to see if a ~ named folder can be included like a hidden folder.

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Re: Specific folder name doesn't allow backup

A tilde symbol in front of a file name is used by Microsoft to indicate that the file is a temporary backup of a file in use.  This typically happens when you open something like a word document - Microsoft creates a duplicate with a tilde so that you have a backup should anything go wrong with the original that you are working on.  As the tilde implies a temporary backup, it is not surprising that Norton would ignore those.


Re: Specific folder name doesn't allow backup

That sounds like a very logical explanation. Thanks.

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