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Spoof/phishing/whatever -- Is this really from Norton?

Hi all,

I started to get a pop-up after logging in that appears to be fake.  It is an offer of $1000 protection if I install a tool from Norton.  However, Norton is miss-spelled as "Noton," which seems to stick out like a sore thumb that this is fake.  Yet, none of my protections is detecting anything.  Anyone at Norton community aware of the background?  Is this scam/spoof/phishing/whatever?  I cannot believe Norton or Symantec would allow such an obvious spelling error to remain (see attached snippet). 

Best regards,


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Re: Spoof/phishing/whatever -- Is this really from Norton?

Please update your client as this has been fixed by Norton (the misspeling)- please continue running live update until there are no new updates


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