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Stalled - Remove a device from your Norton account

Hello All,

I just did a factory reset on a brand new Toshiba laptop and upgraded from Window 8.1 to Windows 10 (as they did in August at the shop where I bought it).  When I tried to reinstall the Norton Security that came with it, my account says that it is still registered to that Toshiba laptop.  I tried removing my Toshiba device from the Norton Security via my Norton account, but it is taking forever -- it says "uninstalling" with the little circle going round and round.  It has been like this for over an hour.  This doesn't seem normal to me. I even tried closing down the IE browser and logged back into my Norton account -- and it was still stuck on "uninstalling" with the circle going round -- without my clicking the trash icon again (there is no trash icon, just the circle going round). Every so often the window pop ups telling me that that my login session is about the expire -- that just really doesn't seem right.

Can anyone advise on why this is happening and what I can do to remove my Toshiba laptop from my Norton Security app so that I can reinstall it on that now factory-restored and upgraded to Windows 10 device?





Re: Stalled - Remove a device from your Norton account

Is it possible to get to the list of installed programs and see if your NS is still shown as installed?

Also is this a single user license for NS or a 5 user one?


Re: Stalled - Remove a device from your Norton account

Are you trying to remove the old laptop install from the Devices tab in your Norton Account? Try clicking on the trash can beside the device on the Services tab.

The delay could be in the web site trying to access the device to disable the protection. Of course the device is not there, but the site may keep retrying.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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