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Stand alone Identity Safe

I am told that Norton has chosen to end the stand alone Identity Safe with Toolbar without any notice to it's users. It became a stand alone package when I ended my use of Norton Security because it would delete "ALL" cookies. Not all cookies are bad as some are associated with banking accounts to help be recognized. With that said, I used it as a stand alone for quite a long period while using the Best Buy brand purchased with a new computer. Now it is that time of the month when I'm to visit Bank sites to get credit card statements downloaded, because I am conscience of the environment, and guess what? No Identity Safe.

I feel like Norton could have notified stand alone users in plenty of time to go into their logins to transcribe the important information. I had even continued to pay for Norton Security and have an active account now because I was using the Identity Safe. I do not have any thing good to say about Norton after my recent experiences.

They probably will not post this blog because of it's negativity but I write it anyway


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Re: Stand alone Identity Safe

Hi Billybat,

I'd like to point out an announcement you apparently missed dated June 9th, 2017:


To the best of my knowledge the Stand Alone Identity Safe (IDSS) is still functioning if you already have it downloaded - or at least would function up till the time that technology leaves it behind as there are no updates coming to it.

Also if you have Norton Security, it comes with ID Safe and it appears you have a problem with the Cookie deletion - if you explain your situation and desires in regards to the deletion of cookies when using Norton Security, I'm sure we can help you out.

Norton's admin team is pretty open minded about rants/raves and handle negative posts easily - and actually very few ever get removed.


Re: Stand alone Identity Safe

  I didn't belong to the Norton community until I made this post therefore, I was not aware. I went to www.norton.com, logged in, went to customer service chat when IDSS didn't work and was told by a representative and his supervisor that IDSS was no longer functioning. They removed it from my computer at the end of the chat connection by a remote method.

  I have contacted Norton customer service via phone and chat on various occasions regarding the deletion of cookies. I did this over a period of time that included subscriptions to Norton 360 and Security. Your response to my post appears to be fiction


Re: Stand alone Identity Safe

Your response to my post appears to be fiction

Not sure what part of yank's post you are referring to. The information from the link in yank's post notes that IDSS is just not available for download any more. There is no mention of it being disabled. If that did happen in your case, it is the first we have heard of this happening.

When you say it did not work, are you saying you could not log into your vault, or was there some other indication that IDSS was not working at all?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Stand alone Identity Safe

Hello Billybat,

I've sent you a Private Message on the forums and have asked for some further details. Please reply privately as we don't want any case numbers or personal information typed to the main forums. Thanks!


Rick V.

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