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Still can't get online backup to work

When i first downloaded this it set up what i wanted backed up but a backup was never done.  I have tried since but it keeps saying the computer is not online-kinda silly cause if it wasn't how would i connect- anyway. I have shut down restarted many times. reinstalled as suggested, coudn't even had my computer as it was no longer there,  shut down again, uninstalled, reinstalled several times now and i really don't know what else to do.. This is a new computer, i had trouble with the norton 360 that i purchased and gave up in it , got a refund and downloaded internet security 2012 which works fine. I also might add norton security was trying to block the backup download--something about bootstrap--so your own product doesn't recognize you own product..  I have been using Norton's for many years and do not trust anyother, however i have never had so much trouble with not one but 2 norton products in all my years using it.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Or maybe the best thing is to ask for a refund on this and do my backups on my external drive.