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Stop Threatening Notifications

I am a Norton 360 subscriber.  Have been for a number of years.  Was extremely happy until lately.

I feel threatened and intimidated by Norton notifications.  Krack will get at my WiFi - unless I cough up another $10.00 a month.

There are other threats that they want me to buy - for which I am not covered.

Perhaps they should change the product name to "Norton 180" as you must continuously add protection whenever there is a new threat and because the protection is half of what you need.

Anyone know how to stop these threatening, intimidating and fear causing threats?  I will keep looking into "Silent" modes and other ways to stop this insanity.  If this does not stop, then I will shop for another protection scheme that does less fear-mongering.



Re: Stop Threatening Notifications

Threat is a strong word for an informational message warning you that your network may be vulnerable to this KRACK vulnerability that affects just about every wifi device in the world. 

The additional product that is being recommended is totally different from your Norton 360. 360 protects your computers from malware getting into your computer. The Norton Wifi Privacy, NWP, protects your data as it leaves your computer. 2 different types of protection, 2 different products.

It is up to you to take the information given and decide if you want to risk your personal information being accessed until all your network devices are updated to protect from this vulnerability. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Stop Threatening Notifications


Anyone know how to stop these threatening, intimidating and fear causing threats?  I will keep looking into "Silent" modes and other ways to stop this insanity...

Hi Bontonroulet:

I've tried the following, which decreases (but doesn't completely stop) these notifications:

  • Disable Special Offer Notifications (Settings | Advanced Settings | Special Offer Notifications) to prevent pop-up ads on your desktop.
  • Log into your Norton Account at https://my.norton.com/account/home, click the Personal Information tab, scroll down to Email Preferences and disabled the option to Email me product updates, offers and security newsletters to reduce unsolicited e-mails.
  • Click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each Norton e-mail notification delivered to your Inbox.

If you unsubscribe from the e-mail notifications it could take a few weeks for this change to take effect, and you will likely still receive the occasional e-mail from Norton since they will "continue to send you information relating to your orders, account updates, Automatic Renewal service and important security alerts regardless of this setting."  See Laurie Spencer's thread Fake Norton Email for more user feedback on Symantec's use of these "important security alerts" to promote Norton LifeLock, the Norton Core router, Norton WiFi Privacy, etc.
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