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Stopping pop ups in Identity Safe ver 21

Just upgraded to Identity Safe Ver 21 and each version update becomes more and more intrusive. I like having Identity Safe fill in some passwords that I select for auto fill, but I hate being constantly nagged! I would prefer I didn't even know it was running unless I choose to sign in and go to a page I have selected for automatic pw entry.

Is there anyway I can stop ALL pop ups in IS ver 21? I never want IS to prompt me to log in. I never want any toolbar popups to tell me IS is doing something. When I sign in I don't want the list of my passwords popping up, just another click to close it.  When I am in a hurry to, say, check the weather or traffic when not signed in to IS, if I don't notice and close the nag bar to sign in to IS, IS jams up my webpage and I have to recover the page, then close the popup. And, if I hit a link in the webpage, I have to go through the whole process all over again.

I have used IS since the 1st version was created but if I can't stop all the harassment in the new version, I will have switch to some other pw manager.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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