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Stuck on "Something went wrong" after renewal

Noticed my NOBU account had somehow expired without any warning, so went on Norton renewal and renewed for a year using credit card. 

No problems there, but when trying to use the nobu.backup.com site for anything I just get the following message:

"Something went wrong

Nobu is sorry something went wrong and will look at it right away.

Click here to go back to the beginning."

I have already spoken to Norton Online chat support (name Durga Prasanna Sethy) who could not solve the issue. They uninstalled & reinstalled the app and then deleted cookies (all of which I'd already done). They then escalated the issue but after an hour of waiting I still don't have another technician connected. 

I'm getting pretty sick of wasting time on this. Can somebody from Norton please take a look, PM me whatever for more info.

I can't access the NOBU site so I have no idea if my data is backing up or not. Really not good.




Re: Stuck on "Something went wrong" after renewal

Another example of Symantec no-support. Why would NOBU issue a message that "something is wrong" without further explanation? This is not very helpful to either their first level support people or the most important people - customers.

I am getting the same error message on both of my laptops. It has nothing to do with renewing since I recently bought my subscription.. It has to do with Symantec's poor coding and testing, something which has gone on for years.

I suppose Wes Welty will issue his generic "we didn't realize this was widespread" answer. Come on Wes, admit that you've got a lousy support structure. You recently made that statement about the multiple error messages concerning backup failures for most of November. A few days ago I was finally able to get successful backups and now  "Something is wrong."

This is unacceptable. How about extending our subscriptions for the time period that we can't use your "product"? That is if you are capable of fixing it. Otherwise, refunds to all.


Re: Stuck on "Something went wrong" after renewal

Agreed elk.

I've now spoken to at least six support people. Each time needing to go through the same tedious process of uninstall, reboot reinstall reboot clear cookies reboot etc. I've been escalated 3 times. Still no answers. Was told they would call back today between 12 and 2 so I went out of my way to be available at home. No bloody phone call. 

Waste of my time and money.  

If this is a widespread problem then why was no announcement was made by email about it. Would I have known the system was broken if I had not happened to click the NOBU icon? No. No alerts to me, no emails from customer services. I thought Symantec was all about enterprise quality software..?


Re: Stuck on "Something went wrong" after renewal

Getting the same problem on both of my laptops, this is widespread problem. I'm thinking I'm not renewing with Norton

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