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Subscription Query

Hi all.Just a quick query.Have just installed norton deluxe that i purchashed from Tesco.I have registered the product with the product key that came on the card.On the Norton splash screen it says i have 366 days left.Looking in my services on the website in devices it says issue found.Upon clicking it says i am using Premium Subscription: Trial ......And it says to enter a different product key.Can i ignore this,or do i need to do something else?..Thanks..OH! HANG ON...THE PAGE HAS JUST REFRESHED NOW HAVE GREEN TICK AND SAYS PROTECTED...Sorry Folks..



Re: Subscription Query

Hi IStillUseMySpectrum,

For future use if needed, you can click on Help on the main page of NS Premium, then select Subscription Status under the Account Information in the lower right corner of the page, this should sync the number of days remaining with the information Norton has on your system.

The number of days remaining on the Main Page of NS Premium should be correct.  We have found that Management can take a while to update, and the Services Tab is more accurate than the Devices Tab.  Also on the Services Tab, towards the top right hand corner, you can use the SHOW drop down to show your Active license.

One last thing with Management, Remote Management under Administrative Settings must be turned on for Management to update.

Glad you got this situation sorted and feel free to come back if you need any additional help.

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