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This forum thread needs a solution.

subscription renewal - days missing

Hi, I just got a renewal reminder popup regarding my subscription. I purchased a new product key and activated it but I have just lost the 18 days I had on my old licence.

Could someone help to get this sorted, as its very annoying that the remaining days were not added to my new licence.


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Re: subscription renewal - days missing

You should contact Norton Support and kindly explain that you would like to have those 18 days added to your current subscription..      Chat with Norton Support 

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Re: subscription renewal - days missing

Hi dp24v,

A bit more information for you from here:

After I installed my Norton product, I lost the days from my old subscription

  • If you purchased a renewal or upgrade through the expiration notices from your Norton product, the days from your old subscription are automatically added to the new one. However if you purchased Norton another way, when you install the new Norton your old subscription days do not get added to the new subscription.

    If you need help with your Norton subscription problem, contact Norton Support.

Norton considers entering the newly purchased (different) key as a new subscription.

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