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Suggeation For norton

Mainly if you are a gamer like me and or a youtuber or twitcher there has been an huge amount of ddosers and other forums that can be found by you IP what would be useful for norton to have is a VPN for people who buys the security With a normal IP people are able to find out you personal info but i know that it is not because of norton or anything else but i know the company who made norton loves money and TBH if a VPN came with when you buy norton i would not mind spending a few extra dollars so why has norton not tried getting a VPN service out it would be so helpful and telling be the record of how many people gets norton it would make a whole lot more people buy it knowing they are buying a anti-virus and VPN so all im doing here is suggesting a way norton could make a whole lot more money but IDK if norton already has one or already tried but if they did i would love to know what its called and how i can get it and if it already tried and failed then please try harder to keep people that love norton safe and 80% free of hackers so far norton has a 20% for download able hacking why not become 100%



Re: Suggeation For norton

Norton did have a VPN offering in the past called Norton Hotspot Privacy. It was a rebranded product from another provider. It was discontinued a couple of years ago.

There are many offerings available if you search for VPN providers.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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