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Suggestions for Norton extension for Chrome

I've been using the Identity Safe/Norton Internet Security extension for Chrome for a few years, and it's always been buggy and awkward compared to the IE and Firefox extensions. I think the problem is that the designers have tried to create a toolbar when Chrome is not meant to be extended with toolbars. Instead of coming up with a design better suited to Chrome, the developers have created a pseudo-toolbar by injecting HTML/CSS/JS (or however it works) into the page.

The current design slows down the rendering of pages, and occasionally blocks the menu on sites where the menu is fixed at the top of the page as you scroll (see the Yahoo! homepage for an example.) Furthermore, the current Norton extension causes Chrome to fail the Acid3 test, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's due to the toolbar injecting stuff into the page (though I really don't know what I'm talking about here).

Norton should get rid of the toolbar. Instead, the IDSafe menu should appear when you click the extension button. There is no benefit to the Safe Search search box - if people want to use safe search they can set it as Chrome's search engine, which is already an option. The extension button already shows Safe Web information (the green underline, etc.) so the box with the check mark isn't necessary. And the share and settings buttons can be added to the IDSafe menu. Here's a little mockup I made to illustrate my idea:

The Web Developer Extension by Chris Pederick is a great example of a Firefox extension that was redesigned to be more comfortable in Chrome. The original Firefox version had a toolbar, but the Chrome version uses a menu that pops out when the extension button is clicked. Check out the screenshots:

I really think this kind of redesign would make Norton much better on Chrome. Perhaps if enough people on the forum agree the developers will take note. Does anyone here agree?