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Support selling products?

I was on chat with support trying to solve an issue I was having with my 2 factor verification.

In the middle of the conversation the agent, "Joel," sent this message

"By the way, for your information, the Norton Security Deluxe you have purchased can be installed up to 5 multiple devices such as Windows PC, Mac, Android phones and tablets, and iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Also, it has the Identity Safe Feature which can save and secure your log ins; but product features may depend on the device type like in Apple devices, the only feature we can get is the Anti-Theft and backup contacts."

Why would a support tech do this? I found not only unhelpful and disruptive but also offensive. I have never encountered a support agent do such a thing for any other company. Norton needs to fix their customer support training.



Re: Support selling products?

Why would a support tech do this?

 general marketing ?

Why does Norton Chat tell me about LifeLock

System:  For assistance with any LifeLock ® Identity Theft Protection services, please visit lifelock.com, or call 1-855-993-1976


Support:  You will receive a Customer Satisfaction Survey by email within the next few days. You are welcome to express your overall opinion of Norton Support in the survey.

Users may submit their concerns thru Norton Feedback &or Product Suggestions 

> Chat with Official Norton Support  --|-- Call Official Norton Support <

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