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SWBPL threat location doesn't exist on server

I am looking after a website at http://allbilingual.com/ . The site has been flagged by Norton Safe Web with the following: 'Threat Name: SWBPL, Location: http://allbilingual.com/~documment'. I can't find any files or folders on the site that match either '~documment' or 'documment'. I have registered the site with Norton Safe Web by inserting your metadata tag into the head section of the website. I have also submitted a request to have the site reevaluated. Having the site flagged by Norton Safe Web is hurting my client's business. Is there anything that I can do to speed up the process?


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Re: SWBPL threat location doesn't exist on server

SWBP Safe Web Bad Publication List is one of the threat type in SafeWeb which is based on telemetry which we collect from 3rd party vendor feeds. Since these sites are classified based on the static data, SWBPL is prone to FPs.

How to report false positives

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Re: SWBPL threat location doesn't exist on server

Hello Simon Cossar

I will notify the Safe Web Team of your issue since it is already registered and you have placed the Meta Tag on the site. Please check back in this thread Thurs. night after midnight EDT for a response from the Safe Web Team. The Team will verify ownership and manually re-evaluate the website.


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Re: SWBPL threat location doesn't exist on server


The below site is already verified and it is found to be clean on analysis. So we have modified its rating to green in safeweb.norton.com.



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