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Hello there, fellow space travelers!

I've got 14 days remaining on my Norton 360 Premium. I want to change to Norton 360 deluxe. When I sign in to Symantic site it takes me to a download page to renew my current premium product. I can't find a way to change from my current product to the deluxe brand. Can someone point me in the correct direction?



Re: Switching?

Hi GWB58:

Sorry, just noticed you were still waiting for an answer.

As far as I know, the "NEW" Norton 360 Standard / Deluxe / with LifeLock Select products that all include SecureVPN. SafeCam and CloudBackup (see the feature comparison chart <here>) are only available in the U.S. for now, and I don't think you can switch automatically unless you received an email from Symantec a few months ago asking you to participate in early product testing.  The license for older product lines like NAV, NIS and your current N360 Premium only allows installation on Windows PCs, while newer Norton products are multi-device (e.g., PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets) and likely have more activation seats (5 or 10 devices).

I'd suggest contacting Norton Customer Support via Live Chat at https://www.norton.com/chat and ask if you are eligible for an upgrade to the "NEW" Norton 360 Standard (10 GB online storage) or Norton 360 Deluxe (50 GB online storage) at your current renewal price or on sale, which ever is cheaper.  If you live in the U.S. they might allow you to make the switch now without paying an additional fee, but I suspect when it comes time to renew again next year the online renewal fees for these "NEW" N360 products will be increasing.
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