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Symantec Error Reporting

 OK, apologies in advance for this being a daft question but I have no idea at all about this stuff.

  Normally when I click the Norton icon on my computer it comes up with various options such as backup, run scans etc but every time I've clicked it today, instead of that coming up my screen goes dull and a warning comes up asking if I want to let Symantec Error Reporting make changes to my device.  I'm pretty sure that's just Norton updating itself or something but years ago I destroyed my mother's computer by messing around with it and it's made me paranoid!

  Is allowing this thing to make changes ok (and is there somewhere reliable I can read up on this stuff so I can avoid having to ask such stupid questions in future?)

  Much obliged for any answers!




Re: Symantec Error Reporting

Hi James,

Could you please upload some screenshots of that warning? More, plz provide with Norton log here.

Whenever your Norton product detects an issue or irregularity it is submitted to Symantec's servers for (further) analysis... 


It's probably fine for Symantec's servers to be in a firewall's trusted zone.

Anyway, you may block that action. If SymErr.exe asks for access to the Internet, you can allow that.

For more info, you may Chat with Norton Support.

Please post back if this or any other comment solves your problem. THX...

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